May 7, 2018
'Cyclops' by artist William Baziotes 1947
‘Cyclops’ by abstract expressionist artist William Baziotes, 1947. Image: WikiArts

Who are we?

TRACE Center for Integrative Arts & Activism is made up of a group of artistic visionaries. Our approach to open experimental and avant-garde learning assists students at TRACE Arts Center School to reach a greater awareness in artistic imagination. This is so often called “total immersion in the arts”. While TRACE is focused predominately on abstract expressionism, freedom inside a variety of creative approaches is encouraged through ‘Emergism’. Which is part of our emerging field of new art.

Innovation in architecture, painting, drawing, fiber and metal arts, documentary photography, film and videography is considered an important recipe for expansion within the TRACE Learning Method.

We believe the power of the collective is key to enriching the lives of TRACE students who want a new kind of artistic knowledge that goes beyond the abstract and past the modern and post modern world. This study enables students to move from the “I-am-the-only-one-here” generation of artists into the “we-are-together” generation that can focus sharply to give voice to social injustice.



Documenting global conflict zones through the visual art of photography docu-photographer Maranie Staab shares the important perspectives she has made to show how the denial of human rights and the needs for social justice throughout global zones where great suffering continues to plague human beings. In this TEDx Talks event Staab outlines how we must stay strong to become eyes of witness who must work to fix the world. This video is a Dec 19, 2017 TEDx Talks release.